Update for 2013: We are not selling anything this year, so far. We have a few doe goats that have been offered to a previous customer and if they do not accept then they will be for sale here or you can email me. We do have a few meat goats that would be great for Cinco De Mayo or other celebrations. Hopefully we will see you all again in 2014 with many more Turkeys! Thank you for visiting!

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About us,
Since November 2000 we've made our home on around 300 acres on the Triple 7 (777) Ostroski Angus Ranch 20 some miles NE of White Salmon, WA on what is considered the South Eastern slopes of the Washington State Cascade Mountain Range. Our nearest communities are Timber Valley and Appleton and our nearest towns are Glenwood and Klickitat. We are at a slight alttitude ranging from 1900 to 2100 feet depending on where you're at on the ranch. At that altitude plants must take up more sugars to grow which is why we believe that our grazing animals are so superior in taste.
We've raised Chelly's 3 children here and have been lucky enough to have had many other children spend alot of their growing up time with us. Many learned to ride a horse here, bucked hay bales, pulled baby goats and calves, stretched wire and help build fences, rode and drove tractors, watched eggs hatch baby chicks or simply stole them out from under the laying hens. We've seen coyotes, bears, cougars, bobcats, deer, elk, geese, bald eagles, golden eagles, hawks and many different types of owls. We really only encourage the visit's of some of those animals. We are abutted by timber companies and range for cattle and all that entails. Most winters we are trapped for a week or more by weather and steep gravel roads on both sides of us. The weather up here is rarely moderate no matter the season. We've had more than our share of trial by blowtorch but we are still here.
Now the children are all grown with only the youngest, adult, son still living with Jason and Chelly. Jason is a Cement truck driver and Chelly is a 'many things' and a Social Sciences student. Chelly's son Rory helps out whenever he can between his own work and the issue's of being a social young man. His older sisters come home when they are able to help and sometimes just enjoy.
We love it here and are hoping to bring some of our mountain grown meats to other people who feel as we do about food. That it should be at the highest standard possible. The animals should be cared for and fed appropriately for the optimum health for the animal and for the nutrition and taste of the consumer.
We sell live animals for breedstock as well as for meat so if you are interested in growing your own please let us know.
When you become a CSA customer you reap other benefits besides your well thought out purchase.
Other benefits include:
Almost daily updates, recipes, stories on our Facebook page BRC Boers & CSA
Discounted gourmet Veg like heirloom pumpkins, Cosmic purple carrots, heirloom tomatoes or canned goods like Salsa or Apple Juice. You can even come help me harvest and pull weeds if you like!
Visiting your CSA at the Triple 7 and seeing all there is to see
Many people have never harvested animals and it's an interesting experience to come watch/help us do our own supply
A discerning and developed palate for what chicken, turkey, beef, veal, goat, pork, eggs should taste like.
~From our family to yours ~
BRC Mountain Goats
Living- sustainably and seasonally